Mind, Body, & Spirit

Coaching is different than therapy in that it doesn't involve diagnosis and pathology. Body-Mind coaching is about tapping into your inner power (awareness), intuitive and creative self, to create your life in a meaningful way.

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Individual coaching in Irvine, Newport Beach, and online for people who are looking to refine their Being with the tools of meditation, mindfulness, and martial arts.

Individual Coaching

It can be challenging sometimes to see our own blind spots. Especially, if they are holding us back. In individual coaching you will be guided through your inner wilderness, to learn how to put bravery into courageous action and self-love into practice.

Relationship and couples coaching in Irvine, Newport Beach and online for couples and partners who are seeking reunification with their beloved and/or to gain great emotional intelligence and intimacy with your loved one.

Relationship Coaching

Because we do the best we can with what we know, sometimes we don't know what we can not see. In relationship coaching you and your partner will gain a positive direction to move forward in through the cultivations of loving-kindness and compassion.

Is this you?

An Individual, Couples, and Relationship Coach in Irvine and Newport Beach, California. Teacher of body-heart-mind practices through meditation, mindfulness, martial arts, yoga, and psychology.

Are you looking for deeper fulfillment in life beyond the external accomplishments? Have the career, money, and success, but feel there is something more?

There is.

I work with clients whose hearts have called them to seek deeper, beyond the societal and cultural norms, beyond what they already know to learn the truth of their Essential Being. Join me on the adventure of coaching into the unknown, where worlds of Power and Light exist.

Even if fear arises we know that the suffering of what is comfortable and familiar is no longer good enough, we are seeking something more. Take the brave, courageous step onto the path of new possibilities where you align with your Warrior’s Spirit to journey into brighter realms of life.

Our work together is founded on my Master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology, licensed Marriage Family Therapist, certified hatha yoga teacher, ordained Buddhist monk, and black-belt in Aikido. All of these practices influence my work with the Body-Heart-Mind system to facilitate balance, joy, and unity into one’s life, discovering how the Truth can set you free.

Hui has been teaching and promoting the balance and harmony of mind, body, spirit for over a decade, with a Master's degree in Integral Counseling Psychology that bridges Eastern and Western psychology for a holistic approach with clients. Hui is a 200hr RYT yoga teacher, using breath, proper alignment, and poses to deepen into the body-mind system. Hui has also studied Aikido, a Japanese martial arts and received a Black-belt under the tutelage of Matsuoka Sensei.

Hui was ordained a Buddhist monk in 2015 in the lineage of Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz of American Buddhism, and continues to study with her teacher, Jenna Sundell. The twin practices of meditation and mindfulness has helped to facilitate and integrate the highest, brightest, and happiest life possible for Hui’s coaching clients.

Hui is bilingual in Mandarin and has lived and worked overseas in China with the children in the orphanages and foster care homes to assist them in finding their forever homes.

Hui is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, where she enjoys working with individuals, couples, Combat Veterans and their spouses in helping them navigate the fields of grief & loss, anger, pain, trauma, substance addiction and recovery, and life transitions. 

Hui is passionate about the process of discovering Truth for oneself through the coaching tools that incorporates the relational system of body, mind, and spirit. Body-Mind coaching is about accessing the Power of You through 1) Recognizing Who You Are, and 2) Embodying That Which You Are.

Are you ready to bravely step into the possibilities of the unknown?