Change Happens.

Take The Leap!

When we dive into the practice by surrendering the busy-ness of our schedules to stillness we experience Peace. A reservoir of well-being resides constantly within us. When we are shown how to access that reservoir we take the leap to reach what we have been seeking. Commit yourself to the change you wish to seek. Come be part of our program!

The flow of the desert through yoga. Music by Zazen, "After Battle".

Free Talk on Aversions

Listen to the free talk below on aversions, which are just another form of attachments. Attachments are what hold us back from what we wish to have in our lives. It's that simple - let go of your attachments and reach the life you want. Caution: Simple isn't necessarily Easy.

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Premium Private Client Program

1. Meet & Exceed Goals: We'll focus on goals with long-term vision and short-term expectations.

2. Financial Stability: Learn how time is your greatest asset.

3. Physical Wellness: Don't set yourself up for failure. Instead, gain the correct micro-perspective on making attainable macro-progress.

4. Happy & Fun Relationships: The small things that add up to make a Big difference.

The Premium Program Includes:

  • 3 month minimum committment
  • 3 hourly private coaching sessions each month; including 1 hour of initial consultation
  • 2 hourly private sessions each month: 1) meditation class 2) yoga and aikido principles class
  • Meditation and yoga sessions are videotaped for one to use in their on-going practice
  • Free Dharma Center Membership with access to: classes, day trips, and power trips
  • Sign-up in the next 30 days to take advantage of Huge Savings through your Empowered decision!

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