Coaching Session Fees

Free coaching consultation available. Individual and couples coaching in Orange County and California.

*Free 15-Minute Consultation

See if coaching is right for you. Schedule a free 15 minute session to find out how coaching might help you live a happier, brighter life.

In-office coaching sessions available in Newport Beach and Irvine, California

In-Office Session (1 hour)

In-office 50 minute coaching sessions are available for individuals or couples.

Online and virtual coaching sessions available through Skype or Facetime from anywhere in the world.

On-line session (1 hour)

1 hour Skype or Facetime coaching sessions are available for those living in other locations.

My clients are top-level professionals who have a Beginner’s mind and are willing to put into courageous action what is necessary to get the life they want and recognize the personal investment it takes to get themselves there with the tools utilized in coaching.

Sound familiar?

  • Your life is good, but you are keen to experience an uncommon life that is beautiful, joyous, and happy.

  • You have a history of success, and the knowledge to implement healthy changes into your life, recognizing your inherent abilities of discipline, sacrifice, and willingness to get you to where you want to go. You’re a trailblazer, a pioneer, an explorer.

  • There is life, and you recognize that there is the possibility of so much more, but don’t know what that means for you.

  • You believe in living the highest, brightest life possible to fully experience the vividness that life has to offer.

  • You have a Beginner’s Mind, being open to new ways of doing and seeing things in your life.

  • You are ready for some more refinement in your life. The refinement through which you can tune into the deepest parts of your bliss, peace, and pure joy.

  • You recognize that we operate from what we know, and understand that it’s through the guidance and collaboration of someone trusted to allows us to see our blind spots and open into a new way of Being.

  • You want to live sustainably while flourishing and growing your life prosperously.

My Ideal Client

I work with Spiritual Warriors who are willing to take a brave and courageous step into the unknown, trusting that what shows up will help them discover new founded possibilities within themselves to living their highest, brightest life. Are you ready to dive deeper?