Because You Make The Difference.

What is Self-Love?

Awareness, self-acceptance, and finding peace are just the beginning pieces for one to know self-love.

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Take The Leap!

It is when we dive into the practice by surrendering the busy-ness of our schedules to stillness that we experience Peace. A reservoir of well-being resides constantly within us. When we are shown how to access that reservoir we take the leap to reach what we have been seeking. Join us on a retreat by reserving your spot.

Yoga flow amidst the power of the desert. Music by Deval Primal, "Aad Guray".

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The 4-Step Process to Attachments & Aversions

1. Acceptance: No matter where you are allow things to be as they are.

2. Curiosity: Dig deeper with mindful observations to why you are feeling an aversion to what is arising in you.

3. Compassion: Ask yourself how the aversion relates to you. Be honest.

4. Coexistence: Cultivate acceptance for what is, in order to move you forward to a place of peace.

*Free Talk